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Giant Eagle
Assistant Grocery Manager was asked...April 23, 2014

Talk about a time where you and your crew failed to get all your work done.

1 Answers

They were looking for a recovery story. So feel free to really show how messed up things were, then shift gears and focus on how your recovery was creative/unique to you. Less

Sprouts Farmers Market

Do you know about inventory and price changes?

1 Answers

At my current job, regular store associates learn how to do everything. We are managers without the manager pay. So yes, I know how to do inventory and price changes and I do them often. Less

Sprouts Farmers Market

How's your merchandising in your store? Do you have open availability?

1 Answers

Yes to open availability otherwise they won't consider you.


How would you address an employee who disagrees with you?

1 Answers

Not everyone will see eye to eye at all times but through my years of experience its best to ask them their plan first instead of demanding and adding to their plan with encouragement making them feel like a real team member and even if what they say is total opposite in my mind you can rebuttal with a thats great and it gave me an idea to make you look good what about this way just always making them thinking its their idea is the real trick Less

Sprouts Farmers Market

Why Sprouts? If a customer asked you about a specific kind of vitamin what would you do?

1 Answers

If you don't know the answer, you walk them over to someone that is in that area so they can help them. Or you try your best to help them yourself then find someone when you're unable to find the answer. Less

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

Why should we offer you a position with Natural Grocers?

1 Answers

Iam a highly competitive person, and I am self motivated to do good and go beyond expectations. Less

Wegmans Food Markets

Plenty of situational and experience questions. Have you ever had a time when..... What's been most difficult/rewarding at previous jobs, what does customer service mean to you?

1 Answers

Be prepared with personal experiences where you were helpful and worked with groups on challenging projects. Less

Harris Teeter

What is your biggest weakness?

The Fresh Market

How did you hear about The Fresh Market


They asked "If you don/t get the job offer here with Jewel Osco, what other options do you intend to pursue?"

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