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How did you design a performance management system? And was it successful? Why or why not?

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"One size, does not fit all" I designed a performance management system where the business/strategic goals were aligned with the HR Department's goals as to measure the success of each employee and help improve the process and procedures. It was successful because the turn-over rate decreased, productivity increased, and sales were booming!

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Explain reasonable accommodation in regards to the ADA.

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How would you handle a situation where you have a client who interrupt your existing interaction with a client?

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How experienced are you in Excel?

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Explain the perfect manager in your opinion.

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what do you bring to the table what skills do you have

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How do you handle stress and pressure of a fast paced environment?

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How do I view childcare and the learning environment?

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I was asked about my biggest strength and my biggest weakness. I was also asked what plan I had to help the Company grow.

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How well do you work in a team enviroment?

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