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DynCorp International
MCS/Manager/Supervisor/Logistics Specialist/Executive Administrative Assistant was asked...May 18, 2014

Does your husband work here?

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Pros: "None" Cons: This company is unprofessional with many people in position within the United States as well as Overseas in positions that are not qualified. This company Upper Management mistreat the lower paid employees as their pawns and footsteps. There is no standardization with the company of policies concerning Supplies and Logistics, which is the main source of contracting for this company. While working overseas for almost two years, there were Directors, Regional Managers, Managers, and Supervisors misleading the Leads/Seniors, and Foreman's. These people would lie to qualified personnel and promise and promote the ones that bow down and jump at their every so call orders without doing the standardize 6 month reviews that was written in contract. The pay is not good for the insults that people go through, which is why the turn-over is so high with this company. Poor management, and the CEO's do not care about the employees only the money that they make off the taxpayers, which are the employee's. You wear many hats even though you are hired for one specific position due to the fact that you are well qualified for the many positions and the one that was actually hired for that one position can't even perform that job. The positions with this company is overrated and the hired persons are underrated with their resumes versus what they can actually perform. Less

LG Chem

Specifics on resume content and previous work experience

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Gave some examples on the type of work I've done previously.

Bolloré Logistics

What do you know about Bollere Logistic?Other Questions were from CV

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A simple and basic Question..Check website before going for interview

Where do you see your self 5 years from now and how do you think your skills can impact our company.

Thyrocare Technologies

how many sunday you can work

BSH Hausgeräte

Why do you think we should hire you without any direct leadership experience?


excel test, situational interviews


If X wasn't performing in your team, what would you do?

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