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Describe a time you made a business decision.

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I blew this question because of nerves. Talk about something you did to reverse a negative situation or thwart a disaster.

When working in Downtown Miami you can sometimes come across unexpected surprises. This is my experience on my first “Miami Marathon” working for a tour company. February 9th, 2019. I think back to this day and just think to myself, “how did i do this”? Approximately 3 months in advanced the city had passed along a preparation package in order for companies working in the midst of the event to create some kind of plan. At the time I had only been working in that position for six months and had only been through two prior events. The package consisted of very detailed maps with highlighted closed routes. When working for a company that provides bus tours, that information is key for a successful day. The day arrives, and our team has created a genius plan on how to re-route all tours. We had changed reservation times, office hours, customer service capacity, etc. As im driving to work I realize the streets that were meant to be open are completely shut down. There was no way of even entering the building. After driving 15 minutes and finding no way around the situation, I decided to park and come up with an alternative. Luckily i had arrived extra early because i wanted to go over the plan one last time. During the 30 minutes i was sitting in my car I started to analyze my surroundings and how I could make it work. Usually our tours leave from Bayside (Downtown Miami) and head towards Miami Beach. But how would I guide the passengers into the busses? Where would the busses even park. After 45 minutes of contemplating over 10 different ideas, I called in about 3 of my tour guides that happened to be off that day and told them to come in. One of my very intelligent team members contacted a near by hotel that allowed all the staff to park their cars leaving us with a 5 minute train ride to Bayside. Once i was able to step in the office I instructed my drivers to make their way to our location in Miami Beach (about a four miles away from our location) and came up with a system to transfer all of our guests there. Our phones were going absolutely insane due to the amount of people calling not being able to enter our location as they were instructed when the ticket was purchased. I proceeded to add two of the employees I had called in on customer service duties to instruct everyone to head over to our new check-in location. The third employee I instructed to go directly to Miami beach. With everything that was going on, I had no choice but to delay our tours about an hour to give everyone a chance to arrive due to some street blockage in the beach area as well. Once 11:00 am came, most passengers made it to our location, some chose to reschedule. By 11:15am all busses were on the road and i could finally breath again. Now I know to have a plan B and C for future situations.

where do you see yourself in 5 years

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I was asked almost all the STAR questions listed here, along with "Describe a time when you provided feedback, what was it like, and what did you learn about yourself?"

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How would I handle a situation where a customer and an associate were having a conflict?

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They asked me nothing, because I could not get the interview, due to no camera on my computer, and when I asked for a one on one, they ignored me.

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Why do you wanna work at speedway

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Have you ever worked for a difficult manager...what are your career goals...where do you see yourself 5 years from on and so forth

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why I wanted to work here. tell me about yourself. just basic questions

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What are you looking for in a job?

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Can you see your self managing a team of 15 to 20 people?

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