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How would I handle a situation where a customer and an associate were having a conflict?

2 Answers

You never know what the customer is going through in their life and confrontation is to be avoided. If I saw one of my associates getting aggravated I would politely tell them it was their breaktime and step in to calmly resolve the matter.

Depending on what type of conflict... Approach the two people, depending which angle you approach, greet the two and ask in a calm smiling manner, "Ask how are you today?" Have your body angled slightly towards the customer(s) when you do this. If the employee sees you first, hence the approach, you can signal the employee. This way you are letting them know you need to hear both sides but remain calm. Allow the customer(s) vent/explain their side. Do the political correctness and apologize. That you wish to have the customer leave appeased/satisfied/happy. If the situation doesn't go well, interject with law enforcement. Be prepared to pull up camera footage if customer(s) did something inappropriate or violent. In both cases, never ever, ever physically touch the customer(s). This is for both parties protection. After which situation, have the employee explain what happened from their point of view. If the employee did well, praise them and thank them. If they provoked or worsened the situation, reprimand in a CONSTRUCTIVE manner [not destructive manner, nor embarrass] and offer a solution. So the situation doesn't happen again and to learn from the experience. Also have another Manager with you as a witness from start to finish. Management are to be mentors and uphold to the highest standards of customer service and model this to all fellow employees. * Nothing surprises me at Walmart. I don't like admitting to this but I've seen the good, bad, and ugly situations.

Why do you wanna work at speedway

3 Answers

They asked me nothing, because I could not get the interview, due to no camera on my computer, and when I asked for a one on one, they ignored me.

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where do you see yourself in 5 years

2 Answers

I was asked almost all the STAR questions listed here, along with "Describe a time when you provided feedback, what was it like, and what did you learn about yourself?"

2 Answers

Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answer

"Tell me a time....."

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Deals with breaking a rule or policy.

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How would you handle a frustrated customer?

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"name an instance when you were required to execute judgement in a situation based on information. In hindsight, what would have you done differently, should that situation arise in the future?"

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