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The various groups of interviewers all had a list of usual questions to building, conflict resolution, time management etc.

Describe a time where you disagreed with a supervisor. What was the outcome?

What quality improvement programs have you helped create/implement? Describe a time you had conflict with a peer and how did you handle it?

Kaiser uses Gene Watson as part of their nursing model. The question was something along the lines of Please describe a caring moment in your career? Isn't nursing all about caring?

Tell us one time when you had a difficult situation with a patient or family member and how did you resolve the situation?

How familiar are you with excel?

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Level 4 questions for a Unit Manager, not Level 2 or 3 for a Potential New Assistant Nurse Manager which was what the interview was for-deviated away from the standard Performance Based questions that should have been asked for the level that was advertised

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