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Crozer Health
Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist was asked...June 15, 2017

Since I was being hired off of an externship the interview was basically non-existent. Just a couple quick questions regarding the hourly rate, the need to get a drug test and some formal training.

1 Answers

I agreed to the promises made, and then worked my butt of for years, well ahead of the curve with our systems and procedures but was never advanced. Less

Maxim Healthcare Services

Tell us about previous jobs, experience,

1 Answers

Honestly told them jobs, years, experience and what I did at jobs. Employee interaction, my experience my strengths, if any weaknesses, front and back office experience, my insurance experience and processing of blood draws. Less


What do you know about the company?

1 Answers

I started with the history upto what diseases they help treat etc.


Why do you want to work in phlebotomy?

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Because positive patient interaction and technical skills are something I value in myself and I want to take it higher to an inpatient setting. Less

St. David's HealthCare

When is it okay to share informationabout a patient?

1 Answers

My answer was you should not talk or share information about a patient unless it is with their doctor or nurse and only if there is a need to know. Less

Mosaic Health

the first question about my self

1 Answers

i give information about my self

AdventHealth Carrollwood

Do you know that the Florida Hospital is a Faith Based Hospital? Why is that important or what does that mean to you or the patients you will encounter?

1 Answers

Do research on the Florida Hospital before you go, let them know you read ahead of time and answer the question in your opinion. They are not discriminatory towards any religion, so be open minded when answering the question. Less

SSM Health

Behavioral and experience questions

Texas Pain Physicians

Interview was very friendly and questions were related towards my work and my experience.

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