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How will you be able to relate past skills to this position?

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I discussed my past work experience and skills.

1. Are you familiar with Six Sigma (named other) and other quality control systems. In your previous position, did you follow the systems of Q? 2. Tell me about your projects done in team. 3. What was difficult in doing these team projects? 4. Walk me through your background 5. Are you willing to work day shifts, swing shifts? 6. Can you give me an example of a situation where you were rewarded for doing something? 7. Deadlines, what kind of deadlines did you have? Did you follow them? 8. How are you English Technical Writing skills? 9. Are you employed currently? 10. Did you make changes in protocols? 11. Did you work in cGMP environment? 12. Are you ok with the position if you have PhD? 13. Tell me about a usual day in your previous job. 14. Imagine a situation: the supervisor comes to you in the middle of the day and give you an extra task. What will you do? 15. Which regulatory documents you are familiar with- USP, BP, EUPharm?

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Tell me about a time you had many tasks to complete and how you completed them?

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Tell me about previous documentation you have completed for scientific work. Strategies you use to ensure completeness and no errors.

Have all classic behavioral questions mastered with specific examples prepared in STAR format, ~90% of interview was in this style. What WAS surprising, however, was that very little was asked about technical skills other than highlighting what I was familiar with on my resume but to be safe I'd still prepare for these.

Describe a situation in one of your past positions in which you knew something was wrong and how you addressed the problem.

Tell us about your style of working? Are you a team player? Have you had to deal with any difficult situation or conflict and how did you handle it?

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