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How do I view childcare and the learning environment?

3 Answers

I view it as an opportunity to teach each child in an individual manner in order to focus on their strengths while being in a group situation. An open and inviting classroom is prime for teachable moments!

Children are never to young to begin the learning experience.

The environment should be a warn and friendly one

How do you handle discipline and motivate children?

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Why do you want to work with children?

4 Answers

What kind of activities would you do with the kids.

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Which American holiday would you choose to demonstrate a lesson for Japanese students?

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Have you ever worked with kids?

3 Answers

Are you capable of handling this job?

3 Answers

The interview questions were all "describe a time when this happened to you, or describe a time when you have done this". There were about 10 questions. 1.)Tell us about yourself. 2) Describe a time when you were put in charge of something, like a project. 3) Describe a time when you had to talk to a parent about something bad. 4) Describe a time when you were talked to by a manager about a poor performance, and what came of that conversation 5) Describe a time when you had to discipline a co-worker. 6) Describe a time when you had to discipline a child and how did you handle it. Sorry I don't really remember the rest, but if I do I will add them.

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Why do you want to work here?

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What is your favorite part about working with children?

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