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Whole Foods Market
Sanitation/Housekeeping Team Member, Cashier Assistant was asked...February 24, 2015

Hardest one by Nick: You haven't opened at a store before. What do you do when you arrive? If there isn't any higher ups what do you do?

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First answer was spot on. Although you may not be expected to know everything, hopefully whoever trains you will notice whatever blind spots you have. Maintenance is interesting in that you are essentially autonomous from Front End (oftentimes interact more with other departments and especially the shift leader), although you do check in with the booth for the VerifyPro (VP walk; ancient name is Gleason which it took a long time until I saw just how that was spelled) hourly. Depends on the store procedure for little things (winter we put mats out in the Northeast region while people just trip on them come spring) and some stores only hire Cashier Assistants (CAs) and you work your way to register. Once you are very experienced, there is pretty much no reason to ever be seen standing. (Coworkers probably would be too nice to say something to leadership on it, but likely nudge you to work.) As for Front End procedures, often cleaning the conveyor (our SanE water sanitizer) during those down times. Just be prepared for some crazy number of call-outs/no-shows at the end of the year in states that have paid sick leave where those coworkers seek to use it up! PS I applied to 52 jobs (stores within ~40 mile radius) over the course of 8-9 weeks. Maintenance was the one to hire me. Word of advice is listen to people in other departments if you wish to switch over or cross-train (plenty of time to think about that) there to figure out what is and is not worth doing. Less

I agree with the last guy. Awesome advice. But of course, I'm the second guy so that's not exactly the same. But I feel that I can trust the first guy, if you know what I mean. :P Less

I think the first guy to put down his comment was an idiot. But then again, I'm actually Anonymous 2 and consequently his double. Nevertheless, you ought to listen to the guy who wrote the review and the third guy. They're onto something in my opinion. Less

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Describe a time when you received great customer service?

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If you could go back to (insert recent job) what's one thing you would change or do over

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I would've left sooner

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