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What is the chance that at least two people were born on the same day of the week if there are 3 people in the room?

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incorrect. 1-364/365*363/365 = 1-.9918 = .0082...something like this for 2 people, for 2+ add in the chance of 3 of 3. So first guy then gets 365/365 choices, next two get 1/365

Also incorrect... They are asking if they were born the same day of the week not the exact same day as Chase alluded to. In this case the easiest way to do the problem is 1- probability that no one was born on the same day. 1-(1)(6/7)(5/7)+ 19/49 or 38.78%

Five guys, all of different ages enter a bar and take a seat at a round table. What is the probability that they are seated in ascending order of age? (clockwise or counter-clockwise)

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We are playing a card game where we each have a deck and flip one card each round, and the first person who gets an ace wins (kind of like war, but only an ace wins). If there is one standard 52 card deck, and one deck with 4 standard decks (208 cards total), which deck would you choose and why?

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You have 1 minute to solve as many mental math problems as you can. Proceeded to list of problems, each more difficult than last.

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