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Burns & Wilcox
Assistant Specialty Insurance Underwriter was asked...November 15, 2013

Why do you want to work here

2 Answers

Umm I don't anymore

I went through the same hoops with this company and location 3 mos ago. I took the assessment online, completed an English paper(lol), and met with the Branch and Office manager for almost 2 hrs. They told me I didn't meet the qualifications for the Assistant Specialty Insurance Underwriter position, even though I have more experience than the Office manager. I'm sooooooo glad I didn't get the job. Less

Questions on experience, current & past employment, questions about knowledge of sales and customer service, career goals

1 Answers

Advised that I knew a lot about customer service but still needed to learn about sales Less


Why Justworks?

1 Answers

Why an underwriting role?



1 Answers

I can speak english, german and some spanish

Burns & Wilcox

When was a time that a customer was not happy with their service, and how did you deal with it?

R-T Specialty

additional insured questions, coverage questions, processing questions, discussed the surplus lines broker process.

1 Answers

I answered all questions to the best of my knowledge. There were some coverages/processes I was not familiar with. Less

Liberty Mutual Insurance

What is your nationality Why you move here to North Carolina from New York What the difference living here in Charlotte VS New York

1 Answers

I am mixed race I relocated for my children Living in New York vs Charlotte Charlotte is more of a slower pace New York is fast paced Less

Burns & Wilcox

Describe a situation where you dealt with a difficult customer

1 Answers

I held the position of regional office assistant underwriter and received a phone call from an agent whose insured had 335 commercial, non residential rental properties. When I received it on my desk for the first time the agent told me that there were a lot of errors and that the customer was being charged for buildings that they no longer owned. On the other hand, there were several properties that weren't on the list at all and left them open to a risk loss. I took it upon myself to itemize each location on an Excel spreadsheet, listed their rate and the premium that was being charged. I then sent it to the agent for review. We were easily able to identify the errors in the schedule and to determine a rough estimate of return/additional premium. To this day, the same schedule is being used for renewals and endorsements. The customer was very happy and continues to be a client even after 15 years and several rate increases. They loved the Innovation that was used and appreciated the attention to detail. This worksheet is also used for their audit. A little extra effort can go a very long way. Less

National Indemnity Company

If there was a company who, in 5 years, had one accident costing $1 million and a company who, in 5 years, had 4 accidents every year costing $2,000, which premium would be higher?

1 Answers

The latter. The $1 million accident was a one-time accident while the latter is a consistent set of values. Less

National Indemnity Company

Which of the following do you think is the higher risk? A dump truck or a limousine?

1 Answers

The dump truck is a bigger vehicle and is utilized more often than a limousine. Bigger vehicles are inherently more dangerous because they take up more of the road and can cause the most damage. Limousines are typically utilized 2-3 days of the week while dump trucks are utilized ~5 days a week. Less

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