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How many parameters can be passed into a container's constructor? Interviewer was looking for the last parameter.

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Canned questions such "Tell me about yourself," "What brings you here?" "Give me a challenge in your present job and tell me how you handled it," "How do you handle multiple, demanding clients?" Nothing intelligent.

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What are some challenges you've had to overcome in the workplace and how did you work around them?

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If you have 5 sets of balls with 5 balls each. In 4 sets each ball weigh 5 grams except from one set where the balls weigh 4 grams. How do I find which set has the balls with 4 grams.?

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Given a binary tree, Find the depth of the node containing the max value.

Given a Tic table- I.e a table that records Ticker, price, date/time during a trading day. Write a Query that will give you for each Ticker the final price of the day.

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what is your current position and responsibilities?

What is the value of a rainbow of two items that are perfectly correlated? How do the two underlyings behave?