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Twentieth Century Studios
Writers Assistant was asked...April 21, 2013

I was basically asked if I had enough humility to do menial duties for people with a smile on my face. Its not that the question was unanticipated but it's not an easy one to answer. How do you explain that you are humble and that you will do demeaning duties with a smile on your face?

1 Answers

I basically relied on past experience and emphasized that I was aware that any job comes with all manner of duties and that as a good teammate it is my job to perform the duty that I am charged with. Less


Write responses as a crazy professor and a nice concierge. Question 1) How are you? 2) I am bored 3) Do I look old? etc.

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I had to write the answers in English as well as in language. I think they wanted to see how creative yet informative you write. Less


What about the position interested you?

1 Answers

I answered it truthfully

MMPR Marketing

What my extracurricular activities were. Experience writing and working in content driven environments.

1 Answers

I referenced my background in journalism and college experience.

Sterling Medical Corporation

"Can you work overtime?"

1 Answers

Seriously? Get to know your prospects.

Pollard Friendly Ford Company

How much experience do you have in the field?

Johns Manville

While there weren't many unexpected questions, I was surprised to learn I wouldn't be talking with the head of the Marketing department at the end of interview. I was under the impression s/he would want to meet me towards the end of the interview (based on something each of the three interviewers had mentioned previously), but that never happened.


Why Earthjustice? Tell me about your background. Tell me about a big challenge you encountered in the workplace. Have you ever published anything outside of an academic setting?

Progressive Business Publications

Describe a successful project of yours

California State University, Northridge

How well do you know HTML?

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