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Associate Account Strategist Interview Questions


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Which kind of company would you rather target as a customer, a flower shop or a funeral home?

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Flower shop because they have to compete against online businesses as well.

Behavioral Questions

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Let's say you are working with a bakery. What 3 Google items would you sell them on?

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I won't disclose any questions, as I signed a NDA. The interviews all consisted of a mix of case, behavioral, and technical questions. Each interview, however, is different in terms of the mix of these questions, and the experience is very different for each candidate. As for using Glassdoor as a resource, it may be helpful for some, but not for all. For me, Glassdoor only helped me get a feel for the flow of the interviews, but not the content, per say. I prepared for each interview using the materials my recruiter sent me after the phone screen, making sure to read every single page, watch all of the videos, and take notes on each word/concept I wasn't sure I knew 100%. There's a lot of material, so I had plenty of resources to prepare for the process.

Tell me a time you worked with a demanding client? Why Google? Do you have any issues with taking on a more entry-level role? Tell me about yourself?

Why this position?

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Why Google?

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Nothing too unexpected. Focus on behavioral questions

How would you describe gmail to a non-tech savvy person?

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