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Associate Accountant was asked...March 18, 2010

The recruiter always asks: tell me what the difference is between cash and accrual accounting, but the interviewer has no knowledge of acounting so it's pointless getting into detail.

4 Answers

The difference between accrual and cash basis accounting is in the timing of when revenue and expenses are recognized. The cash method is more immediate recognition and accrual method focuses on anticipated revenue Less

The difference between cash and accrual is cash you paid immediately cash for items acquired. Accrual means you set up transactions as a contract debiting receivable and credited liability accruing cost and recognized expense or revenue when you bill customer or collect money. Less

Also it's keeping track of what price it was

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Describe the difference between cash basis and accrual basis accounting.

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Do you remember what questions they asked about accounting principles? Or any basic accounting questions Less

State Street

DId you ever have a challenge with any of your managers and what did you do about it?

1 Answers

If you are ever asked the question, “have you ever had a challenging situation with a manager?” It is important not to give an example that makes you look like someone who fights and causes trouble within an organization. In fact, if you are asked this question, “did you ever have difficulty with a manager or a challenge with a manager?” You can start your answer by saying, "I have never had a serious challenge with a manager”. With that being said, that is not a sufficient answer. So you do want to show that you do disagree at times with people, but you are able to find common grounds and are able to resolve issues peacefully. Something like, "There have been times where a manager and I have thought differently about a topic and we discuss it, and sometimes the manager sees my point of view, and sometimes I see theirs. But ultimately, we are able to come to a conclusion and resolve any sort of difference of a opinion quickly and smoothly.” Just saying something like that will reassure the interviewer that you’re not someone who is going to cause problems at their organization. Less


Give me an example of when you had to lie

2 Answers

When I was late to the college


Valero Energy

Please explain the gap years in your resume.

2 Answers

After undergrad I began working on my masters degree and traveled abroad for several months in Asia. Less

Found excellent read:


What are your key competencies?

1 Answers

Sited a situation (they like it if you will directly give a situation) and explain what values learned from that. Less

MTFX Group

Tell me about yourself related to your experience

1 Answers

Share my experience as listed in resume

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What do you know about State Street?

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I gave a prepared answer acknowledging the company's history, total assets under management and global reach. Less

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have you been in a situation where you had to execute leadership quality.

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I done a lot of group project work during my MBA program and mostly i respond to leadership responsibilities by been responsible for fragmenting jobs and apportioning responsibilities to my team members and all of the time we have been succesful on our projects. Less

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What does NPV stand for?

1 Answers

Net Present Value

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