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How do you handle stress?

3 Answers

I take a minute an breath in deep an exhale a few time an try to think of something that makes me happy

Fairly good.

take a deep breath and evaluate situation.

The interview was a structured interview with manager following the paper outline. The manager inquired further to some of the questions along the way though mostly went one level deeper with followup questions. Most the questions that I remember were experience based with some personality based. No big deal the interview was relaxed and the role required dynamism and a strong person which almost seemed hypocritical.

3 Answers

What is your favorite word?

2 Answers

What would your supervisor say about you?

1 Answer

Most difficult was the case study portion. It was a technical case study on issues that could be presented in data for a web-analytics tool.

1 Answer

How do you take notes (computer or hand-written)?

1 Answer

How many McDonalds are there in the US (estimate)?

1 Answer

Walk us through your resume

1 Answer

They will ask you to describe your past work experience in detail. Think of instances in your jobs where you have been a leader, think of projects you've worked on, and what you've taken away from those experiences.

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What subject did you hate the most in school

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