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What's the most creative or proud example you have of an exceptional insight you got from analytics work?

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Gave an example of when I worked at a media agency where I solved a question the client had for 20+ years.

How France Telecom can act upon your analysis (from the case study) ?

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How many golf balls can you fit in an airplane?

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Why do you think you would fit in with the firm? (it doesn't seem like a difficult question by the words spoken, but you had to hear the HR specialist's tone of voice and see her body language asking it.)

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They stated to me that my resume looked great. Didn't actually ask me anything.

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Coming from a startup background, how will you adjust to Daymon's large (and bureaucratic) environment?

What are your three biggest weaknesses? What other weaknesses do you have? What else? What else? What else? What else?

Tell me about a time when you came across a difficult situation and how you handled it Tell me about a time when you ran into a problem on a project or with a team member and how did you go about solving it? What is one of the reasons that motivated you to pursue computer science? What are requirements and explain in it your words with examples from your experience? What is Business Analysis in your perspective and what would you do as a business analysis for a service industry as AT&T. Stakeholder’s role in an organization and the impact they could bring towards and a business analyst. In a given scenario, at AT&T you are required to come up with a requirement solution a new application for AT&T Tv box, Ipad, Phone, etc.. What do you bring and as a person to the organization? What are stakeholders role in a shareholders environment? Can your project manager be a stakeholder and explain your answer with scenarios. What was your role as a business analyst in your previous projects, experience, etc? What methodologies have you used, and explain the importance of those methods and methodologies? Based on your answer why would you chose on top of another and why do you it is important to this nature of the business. You explained about requirements, and its functions, why do you think those requirements analysis is critical to business that you were in and as well as BA, What is the difference between functional and nonfunctional requirement, please provide more accurate and realistic answer based on the requirement documents you provided while your stay at your previous employemnt. Explain the attributes of business requirements and technical requirement based on your project. Have you faced leadership pressure when you have one or more reporting line? Explain the situation with specific examples. How well you deal with a complex problem and how would you or have you solved in projects that you have involved. Explain your role as a scrum master in your project. What extra miles/measures have you gone through for project involving in a group. What do you know about estimation and why estimation is important in an agile environment. Of all the layers of the OSI model, are they all required or could you make a model with fewer layers? Behavioral - as far as I could remember Behavioral "what would you do"s, Logic Brain-teasers What do you think an about a career and a job and what will have an impact your life? You have said, you was once actively involved in corporate social responsibility, can you elaborate and the importance to you as well as to a corporate like AT&T. Can you describe yourself in three words Are you going further your education What are your interest in your day to life Any quotes or advice that you can quote as an example or share with us. Difference between a leader and boss Have you ever worked with a leader or a boss, explain your situations and difference you have faced. How well you cope with stress What sort of environment you like to work and you have worked. Have you ever taken any quick decision in life, what are they and why would you have to do so. Are you a Kickstarter or a self-starter Do you believe in success and how would calibrate your success and in what nature? What would you do when you have achieved a success what will be your behavior. Your transition between corporate to education and now to corporate, Why? Can you share your experience in both the industry your point of view pros and cons?

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