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Given 4 people who each take different times to cross a bridge (10 mins, 5mins, 2mins and 1 min), what's the least amount of time taken to cross the bridge if only 2 can cross at a time and a flashlight is needed for each trip across.

1 Answer

Kinda tricky. It's 17 minutes. First 1,2 cross, 1 takes the flashlight back. (=3 mins) Then 10,5 cross. 2 (who is still on the other side) takes the flashlight back. (=another 12 mins) Then 1,2 cross again. (=another 2 mins) So it's 3+12+2=17 minutes in total.

eBay reduces the commission from sellers. The Average Selling Price goes up. Why?

2 Answers

How would you forecast inventory?

1 Answer

How would you answer a question asked by a superior from another department that you did not know the answer to.

2 Answers

Name three fashion trends that were popular last year, and what those three trends will look like this year.

1 Answer

Q: What is the biggest holiday for restaurants?

2 Answers

What would determine constant pick up of restaurant food supplies?

3 Answers

Basic interview questions: Tell me a little bit about yourself, background with excel.

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