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What is your passion?

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Describe a time when you took a risk and what was the outcome?

At the phone interview they just asked me about my current job, my experience at one of my previous jobs, nothing out of the ordinary. At the math test they ask you to find missing values, basically algebra, then to project sales, and justify your method. At the reasoning test they ask you to research the sales of a specific product and give your opinion about its performance during a certain period of time. Questions about your opinion on market conditions and what do you think is going to happen in the future. So far I haven't received an answer.

How do you handle difficult team members or customers? Experience with certain tools/systems? What would you do in certain situations?

Tell me about a time you diagnosed a problem correctly or incorrectly. Tell me about a time you were tolerant of someone else. Tell me about a time everyone on the team gave up and what did you do to motivate them. Give us an example of a time you were in an unfamiliar role and what you did to overcome it. Give us a time you took action even though it was not your responsibility.

They tested my knowledge on Cyber security and Digital forensics

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(for each position) What was your biggest struggle?

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