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How much is 20% of 120? How much is 1/3 of 260? What could be some of the reasons our product may have a quick drop in comparison to a competitor during some seasons of the year?

1 Answer

Some seasons during the year may impact businesses (ex: local holidays etc), new features launched by competitor and economy.

What do you want out of this job?

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Question 4 – Please change the following Spanish text from “tuteo” (Conjugatio form spoken in most of Latin America) to “voseo” (Conjugation form spoken in Uruguay and Argentina). This paragraph is 212 words long.

How many tennis can fit in this conference room?

Question to test logic - If Indeed was in charge of all the jobs/job postings in Paraguay, how many jobs would we be posting every day?

1 Answer

Question 1 – Answer in English What part of the job seeking experience is most annoying to you and how would you improve it?

General personality questions about the resume and questions about Indeed

Question 3 – Answer in English Tell us about a recent tech innovation and how you think it will impact your everyday life.

How many sushi you/Americans eat per week/year? why you apply for this position? Analyze an annual sales graph.

Question 2 – Translate into Spanish (They give you a paragraph which talks about a client success story. The paragraph is 140 words long.

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