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Associate Customer Success Manager was asked...April 20, 2016

Tell me what our product does.

1 Answers

AppFolio builds property management software that helps property managers manage their properties. Less


Do I have experience with clinical research?

1 Answers

I did not which I stated but felt with a willingness to learn, I could do it. I understand that this was a non-negotiable for the hiring manager but there seemed to be a disconnect between the job posting (which clearly stated clinical research experience was not required) and the hiring manager's desired skillset. Less

Nexus Systems

Name a time you dealt with a difficult customer and how did you handle the situation.

1 Answers

I gave an example of de-escalating a situation by actively listening and letting the other person be heard, while providing consistent customer service afterwards. Less


How do you find motivation in life?

1 Answers

I talked about my family and friends. I also elaborated on my values and my goals. Less


Tell me about Glassdoor's product.

1 Answers

Apparently my answer was not what they were looking for, so here's the gist so you won't make the same mistake. I identified what I saw as three sub-products. Glassdoor's community based job search site, the advertising, and the analysis tools. I discussed each one and talked about how they were connected. Less


Basic CSM questions.. like how will you handled the some specific scenario.

1 Answers

Explain about how you did it in your organization with your role and client role


Why do you want the position

1 Answers

To enhance my skills and experience to showing growth towards organization and my self too Less


Name a time where you had a disagreement with a colleague at work and how did you handle it?

1 Answers



Tell me about yourself, your previous position, what you know about Glassdoor, why you fit the role and the company. (Single prompt)

1 Answers

Each question would not be difficult. Asked as a single prompt, it was pretty difficult to gauge my timing and response. Less


Behavioral questions mostly.

1 Answers

Answer with situations in your experience that’s show critical thinking and leadership communication skills Less

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