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Content Writer and Editor was asked...April 2, 2015

How do you prioritize topics that need to be written?

2 Answers

I try to get a sense of the need for the topics by asking subject matter experts and other interested parties; then I prioritize based on whether this is a new topic, a revision, a requirement to address changed circumstances, or a "nice to have." Emergency topics take first priority; then topics that can be completed quickly; then topics that are needed, but which will require more time to investigate. Less

You would have to draw up an outline that included variables with respect to deadline and value. Once that was accomplished, you should develop an analysis of each item with respect to profit, qty available, vs realistic completion of the project deadline expectation. Say we have 100 widgets that are slow sellers, with a low margin and time consuming to write, and 1000 widgets with the same amount of work, yet are far more profitable, you would outline them in a multi-fold hierarchical format. Equal work and deadline, unequal values. If the next four items were also fast sellers with high quantities and significant profit margins, and took as much work as the 100 widgets, decisions would need to be made. Rush jobs are better served by making compromises. It's better to exclude weaker profit items, in order to ensure all high profit items are included and the quality of the finished product does not read as slap-dash, and that pesky deadline is met. Over-reaching is the hobgoblin of lost accounts. Less

Community Impact Newspaper
Editor was asked...November 29, 2011

How would you find stories?

2 Answers

Some of the most interesting leads I’ve ever gotten cane out of the classified section of the newspaper. Less

I would build my network of sources in the area and read all of the area publications. Less

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Copy Editor was asked...October 27, 2015

What do you look for when you are copy editing a story?

1 Answers

I look for more than basic grammar and punctuation. I try to make sure that the story doesn't have any holes as well as keeping in mind local style and AP style. Less

Abt Associates

How would you deal with people freaking out to meet the deadline for a USAID proposal?

1 Answers

I said that I am generally an easy-going person, used to deadlines, treat colleagues with respect--but also believe there would be less freaking out if a standard procedure and timelines were developed to ensure a smooth proposal development process and minimize last-minute panic. Less


How do you measure the success of content?

1 Answers

How often is the content accessed? How effective are the keywords in finding content? For those systems with the option, how many times has the content been marked as resolving the question/problem? Less

Cactus Communications

Are you comfortable with medical subjects? (I have an MSc in Microbiology and had applied for a position in the Life Sciences)

26 Answers

Pls answer the McQ cactus questions Question 1: COMPREHENSION Read the following unedited passage and pick the statement(s) that is/are accurate among the options provided. In China, domestic sewage discharged from decentralized villages is important component of non-point source (NPS) pollution, and causing severe degradation of aquatic ecosystems and rural environments. Constructed wetland (CW) is regarded as an attractive alternative for decentralized wastewater treatment and NPS pollution control because of its low cost and high convenience to construct and operate Other benefits such as eco-friendliness, high sustainability and aesthetic value also make CW a popular wastewater treatment technology. Pollutants are removed by integrated physical, chemical and biological processes in CW, including plant uptake, substrate adsorption and the most importantly, microbial degradation. Studies have found dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration to be key parameter affecting microbial processes for pollutant removal in CWs. In horizontal subsurface-low constructed wetlands (HSSCWs), a CW type, Anoxic conditions are usually prevailing due to poor reaeration, which favors anaerobic processes such as denitrification. However, aerobic reactions, especially nitrification, tend to be restrained in many HSSCWs, leading to less nitrogen removal efficiency. A. In HSSCWs, anoxic conditions prevail, and nitrogen removal efficiency is lower owing to limited nitrification. B. NPS pollution control has benefits such as eco-friendliness, high sustainability, and aesthetic value, in addition to being inexpensive and easy to construct and operate. C. Microbial degradation is an important step in the operation of CW systems, and dissolved oxygen concentration has been reported to be a key factor in this step. D. Severe degradation of aquatic ecosystems and rural environments can be completely eliminated using CW, which is a popular wastewater treatment technology. Less

Test Name : Earth and Environmental Sciences ☰ 1:28:38 Question 9: COMPREHENSION Read the following unedited passage and identify the INCORRECT/ILLOGICAL statements from the alternatives below. The variability of wind as a power generation source makes necessary proper study, and particularly its behavior close to the surface in order to be able to characterize and forecast it with proper accuracy, allowing an efficient coordination regarding energy generation as well as a safe use of the electric grid. This work is a first approach to the study of the atmospheric boundary layer and its behavior in a coastal context for help with the development of a better wind power forecast. First, study the effect of the surface by calculating the friction, the heat transport and quantifying then their effect depending on the direction by calculating the Monin-Obukhov length. A. Proper study of wind makes it possible to control its variability and ensure efficient power generation. B. This study is the first attempt at understanding the atmospheric boundary layer and its behavior in a coastal context in order to aid development of better wind power forecasts. C. The effect of the surface was studied by calculating friction and heat transport and quantifying their effect depending on the direction by calculating Monin-Obukhov lengths. D. Studying the behavior of wind power generation close to the surface is necessary for characterizing and forecasting it with good accuracy. Less

Test Name : Earth and Environmental Sciences ☰ 1:27:40 Question 16: Select the options that would NOT be suitable for the following unedited sentence: The effect of pH on the adsorption in Cr(III) on natural bentonite was evaluated. A. “effect” should be revised to “affect” B. “of pH” should be revised to “by pH” C “on the” should be revised to “from the” D. “in Cr(III)” should be revised to “of Cr(III)” Less

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'So are you able to start writing right away?"

10 Answers


Of course I am...Do you have an assignment for me?

i am willing to start immediate.

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The Business Year

Are you open to going anywhere.

9 Answers




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Solitaire Group

Would you be able to work today?

7 Answers

yes, i,m ready


same day interview and job ofer and contract doesnt come yet,no had sence

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Cactus Communications

Questions in editing scientific documents.

7 Answers

:( Totally speechless.

Well... sorry cactus. That's not what it said. I think you just reworded it for your own convenience. Less

Best wishes!

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