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Twelve Hotels
Front Desk Agent was asked...January 24, 2013

How would you add to the team?

2 Answers

By providing Amazing customer service

I had 6months of taking over an HOA run condo resort in Orlando Florida, which is just outside of Disney. There's no greater pressure then working in the country's largest tourist destination. There's no greater pleasure than pleasing someone that has literally saved all year, just to stay with you. Less

Radisson Hotels Americas

have you had any experience in the hotel/hospitality industry?

2 Answers

No, but I have customer service experience. I worked as a hostess for two years in high school, and I worked at a grocery store between college terms in the summer. Less

no. I have not

Marriott International

If you had a guest who came to the front desk angrily inquiring about why his shower was without hot water and you were also on the other line with another guest trying to answer a few of their questions while a few guests wanted to check -in, what would you do in this type of situation to make everyone happy?

1 Answers

I would ask the person on the other line to please hold while I find out the answers to their questions, ask the angry guest to please come forward so I could help them with their issue & call maintenance while also politely thanking the other guests waiting in line for being so patient. Then I would answer the guest's questions who is on the phone, quickly hang up, and help the guests waiting in line. Less

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

How have you gone above and beyond for a guest/customer in your past jobs?

1 Answers

I was waiting a table where the patrons were getting upset that their food was taking so long to come out. I apologized profusely and gave each of them a 20% off coupon for their next meal. They were initially upset about the wait for their food but they left the restaurant happy. Less

1 Hotels

Do you own a water bottle?

9 Answers


That is horrible grammar.

Yes, I do own a water bottle.

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Marriott International

What 3 qualities are important to have in this position?

6 Answers

Smile understand of othere and work together

Smile lm'a people person that love to help out. If l don't know the answer,l well get it. Less

Precence of mind, Poilteness, Readybto take different challenges

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Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts

Why did you choose Front Office Department ?

4 Answers

i chose front office as my career path because being in front of the area and dealing with the guest with a promising service and a memorable experience which makes the guest visit the hotel create a spell bound impression at the very first time and make him say WOW,being an effective communicator with immaculate attire and positive attitude with always a pleasant smile on the face and being hospitable is all you need Less

We can intact with different kind of people, and we can learn lot

Kyuni Ki e to Mere paas 1-2 Saal ka experiance Hai... Cust Se aise baat arte Hain Aur Mujhe Har Tarah Se Cust Se Baat Karna achchha Lagta Hai....... Main Airtel Digital TV Me Executive Hun..... Less

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If you can be an animal what would you be?

5 Answers

Lion...fierce, brave , willingness to fight



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Hotel Indigo

Do you know Opera

4 Answers

Although I have most of my work history in the medical field, this is a new opportunity to learn something new and I always like that. Less

I lesson to Opera not as often but I enjoy it.

Yes i do

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Why do you want to work for Hyatt?

4 Answers

What do you think you'll be doing 5 years from now?

I am looking for a job front office executive

I am looking for a job front office executive

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