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How do you feel about having to stand up for an unpopular opinion and telling executives that they cannot do something they want to?

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It is a risky thing to do. If you believe that it is the truth, and it will work better for the company's sake, you have to say it. Then, offer a sound explanation why it cannot be done.

Not so much difficult, but as I hadn't interviewed in a while there were a lot of open questions - tell me about yourself and why should we hire you over anyone else?

There were various complex hypothetical situations described and I was asked to talk through my thought process about what the legal issues were and how to best address them in a document.

There was nothing challenging that was asked. It was an easy interview process

Are you ready to move to NW Arkansas

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There were no trick questions or anything difficult. Just a sincere desire to get to know me and my background to see if it was a good fit.

Do refer to yourself as an attorney or as a lawyer? There is a difference you know, and what one calls himself says much of his role.

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