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What is your ideal work environment?

2 Answers

Work Life Balance: Having an adequate balance will improve an employees morale, work production and loyalty to the company.


The questions were pretty standard, the only one I got that I have never really had before was to explain the difference between business writing and regular writing.

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1. What would you do if you see a colleague doing unethical behavior? 2. Tell me a situation you handled with a difficult customer.

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How often do you make decisions in your current position?

Looking at your resume it seems that none of your past jobs have been related to insurance, why are you interested in pursuing a career in insurance currently?

Why do you think you would be good for the position?

Describe a time where you wish you handled a situation differently

How do you handle angry customers? What do you do to handle stress? What motivates you? Why is this position fit for you? What do you know about auto owners? What was your GPA? Least favorite class?