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Five cats can catch five mice in five minutes. With that in mind, how many cats does it take to catch 100 mice in 100 minutes

2 Answers


It would be 1 cat, since 5 cats get 5 mice in 5 minutes, 1 cat would get 1 mouse in 1 minute. So 100 minutes later that 1 cat would have caught 100.

Why are you interested in a position that you are overqualified for?

1 Answer

Have you used SPSS?

1 Answer

Provide an example of where you made a change to a campaign based on Google Analytics.

1 Answer

Can you tell me about a time the team messed up with a client and how you fixed it?

Why are you interested in company/position. What do you think about new developments in the industry recently.

There really werent any difficult or unexpected questions - all were fair and expected.

What do you find most critical to the curation of the channels music?

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