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Explain the difference between TCP and UDP

4 Answers

UDP is for like Skype and TCP is for like Youtube.....thats all I know but it has to do with the way packets are received and acknowledged

TCP is a reliable protocol that utilizes windowing and acknowledgement packets to ensure all traffic is transmitted and received UDP is an unreliable protocol that does not utilize windowing and acknowledgements, and is good to use when you can't re-transmit a packet (EG a voice or video packet)

That's really as difficult as it gets?

Explain OSPF (Open Shortest Path First)

2 Answers

Which project did you find a bit challenging and difficult to do?

Several questions about presentation experience in my former role.

1 Answer

Why are you leaving your current position.

1 Answer

I also mentioned during the interview that I built a personal Cisco Lab at home. I was caught of guard when she asked what Cisco units I had..

1 Answer

Why you choose Nexius? What do you know about Nexius? Tell the best presentation you gave? and questions about your projects

The phone interview went ok for the most part.. Typical interview questions. The only question that caught me off guard was "In your spare time, how do you stay current with today's changing technologies?"

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What layer of the OSI model does the TCP/IP protocol take place?

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