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Tech Ops Associate was asked...May 28, 2020

SQL basic queries. Linux basics.

212 Answers

Even my joining is today on 3rd august and even i didnt get any mail regarding reporting lets wait give your insta or fb id so that I can give you any updates Less

How long does it take for the feedback after Second F2F Interview ?

No idea. I had my interview on 24th July and still haven't heard back from them

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All questions are english language based

14 Answers

Yes we do

Hi, Thanks for the info. May I please know if this is a technical or non technical position ? Less


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Sql query based on 2 tables.

6 Answers

within 10 days after written test you will get face to face interviews

Within how many days u got?

Wt about the second round

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write a sql query to update the table in an existing table

4 Answers

update table_name set column_name=xxx where condition;

to update column_value in table.

dont know

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Basic commands

3 Answers

Easy only

Quants topics ??

When will the English + technical written test results will be announced? I attended on Thursday then currently i am texting this on tueday . How long will it take to announce the results? Less

J.P. Morgan

Tell me why do you want to work for J P Morgan?

2 Answers

I'm sincerely interested to get opportunity to this company. Hope if I am hired.

I'm Post graduate looking forward for the role which suits me


mostly background questions and previous experience some technical payment questions, they give real scenarios they are working on to get to see how you solve and puzzle around them

2 Answers

as honest as I could, I wanted them to know who I really was

There are Netflix employees giving tips on blind for the interviews. Less

Bank of America

What makes you the best candidate for this role?

2 Answers

I am determined to use what I know to not only accomplish my role but also help others. Less

be prepared to work long hours, sometimes on projects that deliver no value...keep smiling and ticking the boxs. Less


tell me a bout a continuous improvement project you led

2 Answers

honestly - gave an example

As an Amazon employee who interviewed and hired a lot of people here, I've created a guide that has all the questions and winning answers from an Amazonian recruiter perspective. Please check it out at Less


If a car is traveling 15m/s and need to stop within 15m, how much break force is required?

2 Answers

vf ^2 = vo ^2 + 2 a d a is acceleration d is distance vf = 0 v0 = 15 m/s, d = 15 m a = -7.5 m/s^2 F = mass x a Less

vf ^2 = vo ^2 + 2 a d a is acceleration d is distance vf = 0 v0 = 15 m/s, d = 15 m a = -7.5 m/s^2 F = mass x a Less

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