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Associate Portfolio Manager Interview Questions


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How many planes takeoff from LaGuardia each day?

1 Answer

Wanted to see your thought process on how you could come up with a believable number.

Explain what mortgage backed securities are to your eight year old nephew?

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What was something somebody has said about you that is not true?

If the cost of a ball and a bat was $1.10 and the cost of the ball is $1 more than the ball. What is the cost of each item? How many times does the number 3 repeat between 0 to 500? Let's make a deal - pick one door from three. and then you have an option to swap doors. Would you open it?

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None. Interviewers where very polite and went out of their way to make me feel welcome.

If I ask your former supervisor, what will he/she tell me about you?

Explain negative convexity and its effect on mortgage-backed securities in a falling rate environment.

Explain the concept of convexity and its broader implications on a portfolio of bonds.

-How do you delta hedge stock index options? - Explain the how currency forwards and swaps work.

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