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"This will be harder than anything you've done. Gauranteed. Still want to do it?"

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No the hardest thing i ever done was was surviving suicide. I've been to hell and back already. Learned that the hardest part of life is not trying even the most challenging obstacles. That's failure i won't accept again.

Your concern is whether not the job is hard to do, then you've chosen the wrong job. You have to enjoy your commitment.

They asked if a had a legal status to work in the US

5 Answers

Did I have a current Girlfriend.

4 Answers

DOO asked how I would deal with a difficult member of a team.

3 Answers

Pretty standard interview questions.

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Too many to relate. The standout for me though: Are you more of a Den Mother or a Drill Sergeant?

3 Answers

do you have any pets?

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Was I committed to give a minimum 40 hours of phone time to the position considering they were investing in the infrastructure.

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What would you do if an Dolby Executive accidentally their Academy Awards ticket at home and you were on the 5th level of the theater?

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Same one - where do you see yourself in 10 years.

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