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What is the marginal cost of a gigabyte in gmail?

12 Answers

I had no idea what marginal cost is but after a lot of hints, I finally came up with 1$ / a gigabyte though that's probably on the low end. The right answer is probably a bit higher, say 2-3 $ / a gigabyte (from the costs of servers, disk space, maintenance, set up of servers, maintaining webpage, designing user interface and then offset by the advertisements and click-throughs)

probably even less than that now.

Isn't marginal cost the cost to produce an additional unit? So costs like designing the user interface, maintaining the webpage (which would have to be done no matter the gigabyte capacity) shouldn't be accounted for.

Why is a good user interface good for the company?

3 Answers

How would you design google maps?

2 Answers

What are three long term challenges facing google?

3 Answers

How can I get to some gold in the middle of the amazon in the cheapest way possible?

5 Answers

How many ping pong balls fit in a school bus?

3 Answers

Design an elevator for a building (no specifics on what kind of building). Follow up design with two elevators and etc.

2 Answers

What google product do you like the best and how would you improve it?

1 Answer

Not really a question, more of a general strategy.

1 Answer

How do we know you won't leave this job? Something totally unexpected that was asked.

2 Answers
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