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Describe competitors and audience.

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We spent about 15 minutes discussing how Google would design and market an Android phone in Nigeria

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It's my first time to be asked "logical" questions during an interview, and I thought they just wanted to know my logic to figure out problems, but actually they just need you to give them a NUMBER! It makes me feel a little ridiculous... 1, In a specific city of the U.S., tell me how much it would totally cost if letting you hire a person to clean all the windows of the houses in the whole city. 2, Tell me how many hours all the college students in the U.S. spend on their studies in a single semester.

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What quality do you dislike in a manager?

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What product category is missing from the site & how you would build it out. They were really vague about what they meant by "build it out."

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Did you graduate college? How much experience do you have with pivot tables? (This was emphasized greatly.)

What is your favorite app on your iPhone and why?

Estimate how much gmail costs for Google per user per year?

What's your favourite website? How would you improve it?

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How would you design a windshield wiper (extra features etc.)?

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