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Associate Product Manager Interview Questions


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What's your favourite website? How would you improve it?

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How would you design a windshield wiper (extra features etc.)?

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Asked me how I would improve a Google product. My background is in SDE so he didn't ask me any programing/math questions.

What would you to improve the product or experience.

Usual interview questions like Tell me about your background, Why JCI, Why are you leaving the current company, Why this role, Do you think you'll stay in this role in the future, How do you manage conflicts in the team, How do you handle deadlines, Can you work in a team

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The strategy question was around streaming videos (Netflix, YoutubeRed, etc.) and how Netflix got its strategic foothold, etc. The product design question was to design a birthday feature for Twitter. The estimation question was around estimating the highest number of tweets/sec during the Superbowl. The "technical" question was thinking through how the uberPool algorithm is implemented (very high level).

Can you explain an incident in which you had to use your analytical skills?

Questions about big data, hadoop, aws.

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Similar to other glassdoor reviews. One question they asked was around how to get business owners to claim their businesses.