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Product Specialist/Sales Associate was asked...October 27, 2014

How would you overcome a buyer that could not make a decision?

1 Answers

You love the look of this A3. It appeals to you and you love the way it drives. This commitment is lifelong for a car that is built to last. You wont regret it...... Less


how do you handle pressure?

1 Answers

you have to know how to adapt and think outside of the box


What are your career goals?

1 Answers

I told them my long-term interest was an infrastructure role in information systems/information technology. Less


Why Zillow?

1 Answers

Focus on their core values and how you can tie your past experience into the role. Focus a lot on their core values as well. They love that! Less


Tell me the real(your name) not the one in this cv.

1 Answers

I told him about my strength,weakness, my areas of expertise as well as how can I be fruitful to the organisation if I am hired. Less

Clever Devices

Given some technical issues with a customer, how you go about resolving it? What will you look for in a diagnosis? If you can't come to a conclusion what is your next approach?

1 Answers

If there's disruption in the electronics, check the circuits for any immediately visible issues. If unable to find anything and you don't have any idea, give your hardware and software engineers a call. This is to emphasize that you as an individual do not always have the answers, so it is important to reach out to your teammates who specialize in areas you do not. Less

Tactile Medical

Why are you changing industries? How are your skills transferrable? How would you deal with a difficult doctor? How would you convince a patient to pay a super high copay?

1 Answers

They liked empathy and straightforwardness. If you try and BS or waste anyone’s time I will guarantee you you won’t receive an offer Less


People management , portfolio Mgmt, SQL and python

1 Answers

Existing experiences with real time case scenario


Write a program to find a factorial of any given number .Also, add it with the factorial of numbers below that.

1 Answers

I wrote the program.

Butterfly Fields

Irrelevant questions were asked, interview seemed like the interviewer was trying to gain knowledge about the position he was hiring.

1 Answers

What ever you say they will take as attrition rate is very high. 60-70% attrition rate Less

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