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How to model people's preference on two credit cards?

1 Answer

Why is this a difficult question? Isn't this a logistic regression that is being asked. Acc to me answer depends on the product features and customer profile. The card with the more credit limit, less APR, intro offers, features should have more preference.

Tell me about yourself.

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Why consulting?

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Describe a time you showed leadership. Describe yourself. Give an example that demonstrates how you have dealt with conflict

Describe a time where you have made a decision with little to few information.

Describe your role as part of a group and how your strengths played in a specific situation

What was a time where you felt like you and your manager/professor weren't on the same page? How was it resolved?

What was your favorite part of your favorite project ever?

Break-even analysis case that considers credit card revenue items, costs, change in fees, change in population, and product cannibalism.

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