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What do you think is in a satellite?

2 Answers

solar panels, power converters, etc. (Use your imagination.)

Actually satellite is clearly defined. It is any object that orbits a planetary object. This includes moons or other natural satellites.

when you pick up an IP phone was protocol send you a signal. Then tell me some voice protocols you know

1 Answer

"I hate mini-vans but I want you to sell me one anyway."

1 Answer

Roleplaying with a customer. You are a Cisco salesperson and you are coming in to a first-time meeting with a customer and have to create a rapport with them, then 'sell' them on a Cisco technology, and get enough of a buy in to have a future meeting.

1 Answer

List three things you can do with regedit.

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The most interesting question I was posed was whether or not I would feel comfortable voicing my opinions in a group of people with far more experience than I. It came after discussing that the company as a whole is trying to bring new ideas to the table to improve processes.

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The most unexpected part for me was during the presentation. Don't be surprised if someone intentionally stops paying attention (i.e. starts checking their e-mail on their phone). They want to see how you handle it.

Can you describe the systems life cycle in detail?

1. Most of the questions were based on resume. 2. Open-ended questions. If you were asked to build an elevator, what question would you ask me?

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