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What do you think is in a satellite?

2 Answers

solar panels, power converters, etc. (Use your imagination.)

Actually satellite is clearly defined. It is any object that orbits a planetary object. This includes moons or other natural satellites.

Roleplaying with a customer. You are a Cisco salesperson and you are coming in to a first-time meeting with a customer and have to create a rapport with them, then 'sell' them on a Cisco technology, and get enough of a buy in to have a future meeting.

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List three things you can do with regedit.

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when you pick up an IP phone was protocol send you a signal. Then tell me some voice protocols you know

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"I hate mini-vans but I want you to sell me one anyway."

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The most interesting question I was posed was whether or not I would feel comfortable voicing my opinions in a group of people with far more experience than I. It came after discussing that the company as a whole is trying to bring new ideas to the table to improve processes.

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Questions about data structures and algorithms... signed a non-disclosure agreement

tell me about what you been working lately. How much do you know about airborne radars

Describe a time when, in a leadership position, someone was having trouble meeting deadlines and what you did to accomplish the task.

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Tell me about an interesting project you have worked on.

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