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Associate Systems Engineer Interview Questions


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What are the things I should remember about you when I compare you with other individuals?

All was behavioral question: Tell me about a time when you…

1) describe Raid, 2) High Volume Data Movement, 3) describe UDP vsTCP, 4) describe data center system architecture, 5) what do you do to setup webserver, 6) fw vs Sw, 7) reqs/laws/etc for web consumer vs govt, 8) describe IDS config, 9) describe hash, 10) describe FW config, 11) describe most common network architecture without honeypot, 12) access mgmt basics, 13) describe DMZ, 14) describe how you would recommend creating a new system for new business.

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They asked me to present a idea or project to them as if they were prospective clients.

What is the key to a successful collaboration? Name a time you and a colleague faced a disagreement and how did you put it aside to continue a project.

Tell me something you are passionate about and rate it on a scale of 1-10

1. Most of the questions were based on resume. 2. Open-ended questions. If you were asked to build an elevator, what question would you ask me?

Tell me about a time when a team member was difficult to work with