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If we have a string of 7 characters and we can put from 'a' to 'z' in any of these places, write a program which its output is from 'aaaaaaa' to 'zzzzzzz'.

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Using recursion. Maybe the first thought in our mind is for loop but after second thought I believe is most suitable for this question. Following is my program using C++. void Str(int str_size, int index, char *str) { if(str_size == index) { str[index] = '\0'; cout<<str<<endl; return; } for(char c = 'a'; c <= 'z'; ++c) { str[index] = c; Str(str_size, index + 1, str); } }

What soft skills did you learn in your MBA?

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Haven't gotten any unexpected questions yet but I likely will in the next round.

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What is your greatest weakness?

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tell me something about yourself at the beginning.

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We have two types of position: rotation and stable position. In rotation position, you need to work in several locations with different teams, while for stable position you just stay in one office. Which one do you prefer?

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Have you ever done a project that required you to work with a set of instructions? How did you do it and what was the result?

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Give three characteristics you would use to describe yourself. (After I answer) Now give specific examples of where you see these working in your life.

What were the everyday tasks at your last internship?

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