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A customer is crying on the phone, she has spilled water on her laptop which is no longer functioning. Water damage is not covered under Apple warranty thus she is not eligible for refund or replacement. What do you tell her, and how?

7 Answers

Bring it in to check the cost of repairs.

First thing you do turn the laptop off. Open the laptop and let it air dry overnight. Next, get 3-5 lb bag of un-cooked white rice. Get a pan of some sort that is big enough to acccommodate the laptop with room to spare. Pour enough of the un-cooked rice on the bottom of the pan to just cover it. Next, place the laptop on top of the layer. Then, pour enough rice on the top to cover the entire laptop. Let this sit over-night (does not matter if the pan is covered, or not). The rice will absorb every last bit of moisture. A lot of the time, this is all that is needed to fix it.

I got asked this question too, except for water damage, I was told the laptop was dropped and quit working. I said, well first I'd check her warranty status, if she got an Apple Care Service plan, I believe depending on the type of service plan it may be covered under warranty. Other than that, try reseating RAM, removing the battery, but I don't even know if you can do that on a MacBook. Also since there is only so much I can do over the phone, I recommended her best course of action would be to take it in person to an authorized Apple store to be checked out. The rice thing is fine, but I doubt it would be standard procedure for a tech support rep to have a customer do.... especially for a novice customer, they risk doing even more damage, then you as an Apple Care Advisor would be held liable.

Explain to a caller what to do if they have just dropped their IPad.

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What if a game restarts or an application loses data and an irate customer calls for data to be replaced but you know you can't do that.

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I a customer's Iphone is having trouble with email (won't receive or send emails) how would you help the customer troubleshoot?

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Explain to a non-technical customer the difference between RAM and Hard Drive.

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Why Apple?

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I had worked on an Android project and she started to ask questions like whst if there is a conflict in your schedule and you have to choose between the job or the project. And she said you do know that Apple and Android are competitors right so why work on that!!

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The customer service questions got me. Due to me never really having to deal with that. Also, the tech support questions got me a little. I did not know if they wanted me to solve all the problems right on the phone...

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Do you know what safe mode is when a computer is starting up?

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If your mother bought an iPhone, and she called you saying, "My iPhone won't send or receive E-Mails," how would you walk her through fixing the issue?

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