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Brand Manager Interview Questions in Atlanta, GA

"When hiring a brand manager, a companies seek out candidates who have the marketing skills and creativity to improve public perception of a brand and increase sales and customer loyalty. The interviewer may ask situational questions where you have to explain marketing trends, think up solutions to a failing brand campaign, or devise new marketing strategies for a brand."

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What made me feel I was qualified to get the position?

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That I had been working for Coca-Cola distributors for five years and understood the business from the ground up. That I had the education and experience to be great in this role.

There were no difficult questions but the interviewer handed me a printed out map quest directions to Lithonia and said to head over that way to Sam's Club for a second round of interviews.

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Do you want to be a CMO or a GM

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All questions were “tell me a time” format and related to past experience. They were also about: • Initiative • Working with Clients • Stress Tolerance • Adaptability • Why do you want the position?

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what are the forst 3 things you would do if hired?

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What's your leadership style. The rest was going through my resume.

What kind of car would you like if you had a bit more money in the bank?

What is the hardest thing you've had to overcome?

Why should we choose you over the 40 other applicants we're interviewing today?

Rank the following from most to least important: money, growth, environment, ethics.

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