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Call Center Supervisor Interview Questions in Atlanta, GA

Call Center Supervisor Interview Questions in Atlanta, GA

"A call center supervisor demands the communicative and service-oriented skills of a customer service representative, but the motivational and organizational skills of a leader. In an interview context, expect to be asked about your management style, comfort level with speaking to difficult customers, and ability to multi-task between duties. Be prepared to role-play a scenario where you must overcome a negative customer or diffuse a team conflict. Employers are ultimately looking for candidates who can oversee their operations successfully, so make sure you emphasize your understanding of what it means to lead and keep others on task."

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Why would you be interested in this position with the level of your experience.?

2 Answers

comment - I wouldn't be appying for the job if I wasn't interested in the position and accepting of the known money level.

If I had know what I know now I would have never taken the job. It's honestly not worth it.

Explain a time when you did not agree with your director about a policy?

1 Answer

Why do you want to work for comcast

1 Answer

Went over the resume and explained what I did in each job.

How did you handle a difficult employee who was not being a team player?

Tell me about a time when you had to speak with an irate customer and what was the outcome.

Have you manage people before ?

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