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Delta Air Lines Interviews in Atlanta /  HQ: Atlanta, GA

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The Home Depot Interviews in Atlanta /  HQ: Atlanta, GA

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State Farm Interviews in Atlanta /  HQ: Bloomington, IL

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Interview Questions in Atlanta

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Describe a sales situation where price seemed to be the primary driver and how you overcame the focus on cost and made it more about 'value.'

2 Answers

I focused on the benefits of the product and the additional service that is provided to support them. While we are large enough to give the bast deal we are also small enough to give great customer service.

If a customer asked you how much paint we sell in a year and you had to calculate it on a napkin during a meeting, how would you do that?

4 Answers

How would you style a clothing rack?

3 Answers

Where do you get your style inspiration?

3 Answers

I was asked about my biggest strength and my biggest weakness. I was also asked what plan I had to help the Company grow.

1 Answer

How would you handle an irrate internal customer during a business meeting?

2 Answers

How would you add to the team?

2 Answers

How I would handle multiple competing work assignments.

1 Answer

How would you go about doing research on a potential customer?

1 Answer

Explain a time when you did not agree with your director about a policy?

1 Answer
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