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QA Analyst Interview Questions in Atlanta, GA

"Employers looking to fill QA analyst positions want applicants with the problem-solving capabilities to detect software-level errors and make improvements to their products. In an interview, expect to be quizzed on technical questions that will test your analytical and critical thinking skills. You may be asked to resolve a programming error or explain the uses of a particular function."

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How do you measure 4 gallons with only a 5 gallon and a 3 gallon bucket?

5 Answers

1.Dump 3 gal into 5 gal 2. Fill 3 ga and empty into 5 gal again 3. This will leave 1 gal in the 3 gal 4. Dump the 5 gal 5.Add the 1 gal from the 3 gal to the 5 gal 6. Fill the 3 gal again 7. Dump the 3 gal into the 5 gal (where there is all ready 1 gal) 8. Now there are 4 gallons of water in the 5 gallon bucket.

Shift some water from the 5 gallon bucket to 3 gallon bucket to make both the buckets have same amount of water. when both the buckets have same amount of water. That means both contain 4 gallons of water.

From the full 5 gallon bucket, you get the 3 gallons needed to make the smaller bucket full. You now have 2 gallons remaining in the big bucket. Then you empty the 3 gallon bucket and drop the residual 2 gallons from the big one into it. Then you mark the 2 gallon level in the 3 gallon bucket. Now you can drop the two gallons back into the big bucket, then go by the mark to collect two more gallons in the small bucket and drop again into the big bucket, whence you obtain 2+2 = 4 gallons.

Given a tight schedule how will you decide what to test and which test cases to execute.

1 Answer

What is your life story? What makes you who you are? Takes a tidbit from you life story and asks, how did that make you who you are? Asks questions about work history.

1 Answer

Give me an example of a join?

1 Answer

What is the difference between an empty string and NULL?

1 Answer

Basic technical questions about windows server 2012. MS-SQL exercise regarding joins My previous work history.

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What was I doing in my last project? Explain in few words.

1 Answer

Can you please call me?

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What is the X-Path match?

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You Have Eight Balls. One Of Them Is Slightly Heavier Than Others. There's A Traditional Scale To Help You. How Many Times Do You Have To Weight, In Order To Decide Which Is The Heavy Ball? Do it in 2 weigh ins.

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