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Quality Engineer Interview Questions in Atlanta, GA

"As a quality engineer you will be expected by your employer to have the critical thinking skills, data analysis skills, and business quality knowledge to develop quality tools, systems, and processes that ensure product quality from start to finish. In an interview you can expect to be asked about your IT experience, knowledge of enterprise architectures, software engineering background, and understanding of quality improvement techniques. Because quality engineering is based heavily in software development, you can expect to be asked multiple technical programming questions."

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The last part of the online assessment asked questions that the answers are Agree, Disagree and Neither Agree nor Disagree. A few questions were like: I do like loud crowded parties., I have never been late to work., and I feel uncomfortable around authority.

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The questions were to be answered with one of the three answers.

Mostly just about stuff i've done in the past, and some experiences with Porsche

Describe your testing process for code. Why would you be a good fit at Blackbaud? Talk about your work experience. Parse a string and compare elements.

Questions about past experience as well as skills such as automation and SQL.

What would you do if you are asked to solve a problem under pressure

Many questions concerning background, experience, and motivations. The highlight was the career planning questioning. Where do you see yourself type questions. They have moved to behavioral based interviews to garner personality traits, decision making, and interpersonal skills.

Give me a code and asked what all possible test cases can you write for it.

If I was in charge of a manufacturing line, how would I go about this.

The Questions they asked me was how was this position related to my interest. Also another was what were my hobbies and what did I like from my university. They asked what did I like about my career.