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I was asked if I had experience as CFO or Controller of a major institution of higher learning. That struck me as an odd question since my resume had been closely scrutinized and passed around for months by then and I had asked the recruiter more than once whether my background was acceptable.

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I answered honestly that I did not. My years of CFO and Controller experience were all in the technology sector. That's when I fell out of the running. I still don't know why they let me go so far along if a question for which they had the answer since the beginning was a deal-breaker!

There really were no technical questions of any kind....mostly questions like "have you ever done XXXX before? If so where and how did it turn out?"

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What DEV background you have? Years of Experience? Like socializing?

Why am I interviewing you for the job if I already know you? What would you do if you don't get the job and (XXX) does get it? (internal posting, referring to another colleague that was also posting for the job)

Behavioral type questions. Questions were related to the staff persons familiarity and understanding of the hiring process and interviewing, Example: Provide me with an opportunity where you had a problem with a staff person on your team and how you resolved it,

What kind of company culture are you looking for / do you prefer to develop and lead?

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