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Attendance Interview Questions

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working 24/7 nights holidays religious on weekends chronic ailments

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don't bother with the interview if you have constraints you will be terminated for poor attendance even 1 occurrence can get you sacked at AA during probation

If you owned the company what would you expect for attendance from your employees. How many days off would you allow in a 90 day period before you would become concerned?

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The polygraph is 4-5 hours and pyschological the same amount of time

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Did you have any issues with attendance at your previous position?

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Upon entering the building, after checking in with security & getting your name badge, we lined up & a recruiter asks "Could you please tell me what year your Passport expires?" If you didn't know off hand, it was perfectly fine to look. They just want to be sure you had it 'in hand' for this interview process. *More interview details: Be sure to carefully listen to questions & answer accordingly. Keep it simple, yet be clear & thorough. Make sure your energy & body language very positive. Smile a lot, make eye contact. Also, be enthusiastic but composed at the same time. All recruiters were very nice & welcoming. They were from several departments in the company & many were veteran (12-37 years with company) FAs (Flight Attendants) There were 21 people in my interview group & 8-12 rotating recruiters facilitated & observed us through most of the process. For the introduction, we were asked to state our name, where we are from & what makes a good Flight Attendant. You get a full 60 seconds to do this. At the 45 second mark, a recruiter in the back of the room raises their hand to let you know to wind it up. Many used only about 30 seconds, which we were told is perfectly ok as long as you answer as asked. The US Airways Power Point Presentation was very well done & very informative. Most of us took notes during presentation. After the presentation came the group exercise. We had to choose the most useful/important items in case of a crash (crew & passengers stranded in need of rescue). We had 10 minutes to choose & rate these items from a list that they provided. My whole group of 4 people shared one list. We were seated at a table to do the group task. We went over the 12 items, discussed each, then number rated them for importance. 1 being most important. Once the exercise was done, we went over the answers & 1 team was chosen as the winner because they rated the items more accurately (obviously according to safety standards & protocols already in place). We then sat down for lunch which was brought in pre-packaged & was self serve. Lunch was very informal so we had a chance to move around the room & chat with other candidates. Several recruiters (2-4) did come into room during lunch to chat, observe us & even answer questions that we may have had about US Airways. Once lunch was over, we waited around a bit then 3 recruiters returned and announced the next part of the process. Names were called from a clipboard & that is when we were walked to the exit to wait for the shuttle back to the airport. We did not received much if any feedback, but were invited to apply again in 6 months. Recruiters were super nice even at this point. From beginning to end, the F2F was from about 9:00am to 1:00pm. Shuttle had us back at the airport by 2:00pm. Just as I had read on several internet forums, if your name is called shortly after lunch, you have been dismissed & your interview is over. We were told that we would be contacted within 48 hours to know our status, but as I stated above - name called = TBNT (Thanks But No Thanks). I received an official TBNT email the following Sunday evening. My F2F interview was on a Thursday morning. I had a wonderful experience & do plan to apply with US Airways again in 6 months.

If you were to write your own attendance/tardiness policy, what rules would you put in place? How many absences/tardies are acceptable in a one year period, and how would you determine which is an acceptable absence?

One of the questions in group will be: What is ONE thing you learned about a person in this room?-Listening again the key along with smiling...

All questions are asked with the expectation that you use the STAR method of answering questions. They ask a ton of behavioral questions so I wouldn't commit any of the questions that you see on this board to memory as in my F2F I had only 1 question asked. May google STAR interview questions or behavioral questions to get an idea if what they will ask. A time you went above and beyond for a customer? How did you deal with a difficult customer... and how did you handle it, what was the outcome? Describe to me a time you made a mistake and no one caught it. Describe to me a time you overcame a problem at work? How did you handle it? And what was the outcome? Tell us about a time when you had to work with someone with a difficult personality? A time when a coworker was being unfair or dishonest?

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