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You have 1 seat left on a flight, and you have 5 passengers waiting on standby, a military man in uniform, a pregnant woman, a woman and her infant child, an elite customer(one who is a frequent flyer of NWA), and a gentleman trying to go an see his ill sister. Who will be the one to get the empty seat on the flight, and why?

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My best advice, do your homework. The recruiting staff was SOOOOOOO nice. They said, "welcome to the family" and it did feel like a family. Good luck, I hope this helps someone.

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Really practice and rehearse your introduction and interview questions. Dress the part also! Since you will be held to a strict uniform policy as a FA, you should demonstrate that you are already capable of that.

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If you had a brand, unique to you, what would that brand be and why?

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What is the angle created between the minute and hour hands on a clock that reads 4:20?

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Do you want to work for a non union company.

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If a coworker was removing items from aircraft would I talk to them about it first or report to management

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All the questions were pretty normal, such as "If you have a supervisor that you don't get along with what do you do?" and the like.

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it was like a regular interview. Everyone i fingerprinted with got called back except me lol

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I should have asked more about the paragraph before presenting the announcement during the F2F interview. Eric and Debra were very patient and professional, wished I have elaborated.

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