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Audio Visual Technician Interview Questions


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What has been your experience in AV?

1 Answer

I worked in radio broadcasting and installed the equipment for remote sites outside of the studio.

Was the location a good fit?

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Q: Are you familiar with VTC units?

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Q: Why should we consider you as an employee for our company?

1 Answer

No difficult questions were asked. Everything was straight forward.

Asked many questions about technical abilities.

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Are you willing to stay several years.

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1. What type of integration projects did you find most enjoyable? 2. Explain a situation within the workplace that you feel you could have handled better? 3. What are your future goals? 4. Do you have the appropriate tools to perform the job? (Provided me with a full list of necessary tools.) 5. Are you comfortable with our current hourly rate? 6. Do you have any questions? Asked four times over the course of the interview. 7. How comfortable are you operating remotely as an individual? 8. Do you have goals of fulfilling a managerial position in the future? 9. Would you please provide us feedback throughout your hiring and employment process if you are chosen for employment?

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