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Audiovisual interview questions

Kabam Interviews  /  HQ: San Francisco

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Code and Theory Interviews  /  HQ: New York

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Tait Towers Interviews  /  HQ: Lititz

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Interview Questions

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When can you start working for us?

1 Answer

Right away.

prior experience, work habits

1 Answer

I apologize. I was doing a lot of interviewing at the same time, so some things get mushed together in my head. The most challenging was the Unity project to create MicroChess. It was also thoroughly enjoyable to me.

1 Answer

They showed me a graph, and asked what kind of filter it represented, then they asked what type of that filter specifically might do it.

1 Answer

Why much you know about this company?

1 Answer

Why did I apply

1 Answer

Why do dogs lick their private parts?

1 Answer

What do you know about 3-phase electricity.

1 Answer

What would you do at a scenario where your co-worker didn't show up and you have to do most of the work for the company when it is the busiest day.

1 Answer

"Where did you go to college?"

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