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Not in particular. Just be ready to talk about yourself and be confident.

How would your best friend describe you?

Why do you want get into public accounting?

Describe a time when you have had to deal with a troubling group member, and what did you do to fix it? How did the group end up and what was the end product?

They gave me a technical question, by presenting me with 3 printouts of different web pages of a hypothetical website. They gave me 10 minutes alone to go through the website and think of ways of how the website could be tested for quality assurance. Basically, how to go about finding bugs in the website. It wasn't very difficult however, and they were encouraging of my answers.

What is your biggest concern about going into public accounting?

Tell me about a challenge you have overcome while working on a group project

Tell me a time when you're in a group project and encounters some problems. How did you solve it using your leadership skills?

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